Tuomas Tuomiranta

Tuomas Tuomiranta
Visual artist, Mathematician
Born: 1985, Helsinki
Art Studies
2019- Art School MAA, day programme, contemporary art
2012-2013 Critical Academy, writing
2011-2012 Free Art School, painting
2009, 2010 Art School MAA, evening course, drawing and painting, contemporary art
2004 Matriculation examination, Savonlinna Senior Secondary School of Art and Music, line of fine art
Math Studies
2007 Master’s degree, University of Helsinki, mathematics, minors in theoretical and practical physics
2007- Self-studies and maintaining knowledge, for example algebraic number theory, algebraic geometry, theory of elliptic curves and modular forms
2002-2004 Studies in mathematics, University of Joensuu, Open University
2002 The XI th Russian-Finnish Summer School in Physics and Mathematics, Moscow - Korolyov
2017- Building and maintaining personal website with HTML and CSS
2016-2017 Experiments with Unity 3D system
2010- Graphics programming, currently Processing (Java), earlier also C# and C++
1998- Learning programming, for example fractal drawing program and solar system simulator in BASIC-language
Solo Exhibitions
2019 Portal, Gallery Myymälä2, Helsinki (upcoming)
2016 RGB, Galleria Eteinen, Savonlinna Senior Secondary School of Art and Music, Savonlinna
2016 Coded Colours, Gallery Huuto Uudenmaankatu, Helsinki
Group Exhibitions
2019 Vuokala 20 Hiilimusta, Piippuhalli, Savonranta
2018 Flash Vallisaari, Finnish Light Art Society FLASH, Helsinki, Fusion project, computer animation, sound by Janne Särkelä
2017 Savonlinnan Taidelukio 50 Years Celebration Exhibition, Valssaamo, Cable Factory, Helsinki
2017 Voi että 2017, Piippuhalli, Savonranta
2016 Outo valo, Galleria Espoonsilta, Espoo
2011 Mitä kummaa, Piippuhalli, Savonranta
2010 Artists 2010, Artists’ Association of Finland, Tampere, computer animation Fluid Potential
2010 Bridges One-Night Film Fest, Pecs, Hungary, computer animation Fluid Potential
2010 Creatures and Beings, Galleria Nunes, Helsinki
Duo Exhibitions (with Minna Alaluusua)
2013 Play It, Gallery Jangva, Helsinki, interactive media installations
Video Shows (Orbit project with sound artist Janne Uusiniemi)
2018 Manifesta 12, Collateral Events, Collective Intelligence in KaOZ, Palermo
2018 MAA for AAVE, MAA-tila, Helsinki
2017 Lovi ambientklubi V, Lavaklubi, Helsinki
2017 Piippuhalli, Savonranta
Video Shows (interactive video installation Touch)
2017 Lux Helsinki BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer), Cable Factory, Helsinki
2016 Pussy eau de Club 18th anniversary, Manala/Botta, Helsinki
2016 Round in Helsinki city libraries, Helsinki
2016 Researchers’ Night, Science Museum, University of Jyväskylä
2016 Night of the Arts, Kirjasto 10, Helsinki
2016 Bridges Conference, University of Jyväskylä
2016 Asbestos Art Club vol. 1, Helsinki
2016 Hytky Kevätkestit, Helsinki
Competitions and Awards
2004 International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), Athens
2004 Math Contest of Senior Secondary School, open league, third place
2004 Pro Mathematica Medal, MAOL
2002 The XI th Russian-Finnish Summer School, Moscow - Korolyov, the best combined credit in physics and mathematics
2016- Matikkatarmo, private teaching in mathematics and physics
2016 Aalto University, lecture in computer graphics, course of colour and material design
2018- Finnish Light Art Society FLASH
2016- Artists’ Association MUU